The next Women’s Forum is in a week:
12 May, 7:30-8:30pm
Keynes Hall, King’s College
and we will be deciding what campaigns should be the focus of next year’s activities.
We’ve never done this before, as working groups have developed spontaneously depending on what issues arise, but it would be great to have a more democratic way to guide the CUSU Women’s Officer in coordinating the activities of the Women’s Campaign.

What we need YOU to do is to think: what campaigns have been really effective and should be continued?
Have there been any glaring gaps in what we have been campaigning on that could be improved?
Are there issues that we have been reactive about, that we could be more proactive?

Whether you’ve been involved for years, or you think the Women’s Campaign really needs to get it’s act together, please leave comments, suggestions, criticisms!

If you have a concrete proposal, feel free to get in touch with me (womens (at) and we can work on formulating it into a proposal you can bring to Women’s Forum. ALL self-defining women are welcome to Women’s Forum: you don’t have to be a Women’s Officer to attend and participate.

For more info about past and present campaigns, check out:

There will always be loads of campaigns that have a relatively low level of activity: we’re trying to figure out which are the handful (probably 4 or 5) that we want to put lots of energy into.