Month: July 2010

CICCU – A Feminist’s Nightmare?

Let’s get this straight before we begin: I’m a Christian. I may not be a shining example, but my faith is important to me, as are my views on the Church. I know that I can’t comprehend the Word of the Bible myself, which is why Priests train for years to be able to guide others. This requirement of the Christian faith – that to be a good Christian you must believe in what other people say – is a difficulty for many who are Atheists or Agnostics. However, God gave me ears to hear but he also gave me a mind, and a mouth. Just because you are told something does not mean it is right, and one thing I admire about my own Church is that sermons are usually given as miniature arguments in themselves, relying on scholarly interpretation and clear reasoning about particular aspects of faith. Sometimes, if I disagree, I have spoken to the preacher afterwards,¬†sometimes at length, to gain a greater understanding of his/her viewpoint. But this still doesn’t mean I have to agree. There are many more discussions to be had here about whether or not this completely invalidates the point of Faith in the first place (I know that it doesn’t), but that is not what I’m here to talk about. As you may have guessed already, the things that I respect about my faith are those which CICCU seems determined to eradicate, and it’s people like me who are feeling the heat from them the most.

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Situational Tolerance

Few would contest that our society is more tolerant towards LGBT sexualities than in the past, but the acceptance of difference is by no means evenly spread. The way I have been seeing things recently is that there are little pockets of tolerance within most fields, and in most of these fields, it is perfectly acceptable – even expected – that participants might be gay. But this distribution, what I’m calling situational tolerance, allows the majority of society to remain unchanged and the status quo to be characteristically unerred.

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Women in tennis – what the deuce?!

Wimbledon is almost over, and it’s been a particularly fine competition this year in my opinion. Though I’m not the biggest tennis enthusiast in the world, I love Wimbledon and because I happen to have had nothing to do the last couple of weeks I’ve watched practically every match covered by the BBC. I’m struggling to work out where I stand on the sport from a feminist perspective, however. Continue reading

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