Author: Jonny Walker

Walk Straight

Watch the way you walk, my boy
And straighten up your style.
A feeble posture may well foster
Talk about you child.

First of all you drop that smile
The muscles of your cheeks fall down;
You will not convince anyone
Unless you wear a frown. Continue reading

Situational Tolerance

Few would contest that our society is more tolerant towards LGBT sexualities than in the past, but the acceptance of difference is by no means evenly spread. The way I have been seeing things recently is that there are little pockets of tolerance within most fields, and in most of these fields, it is perfectly acceptable – even expected – that participants might be gay. But this distribution, what I’m calling situational tolerance, allows the majority of society to remain unchanged and the status quo to be characteristically unerred.

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Men, Children and Patriarchy

For a man to work with children, he must acknowledge that he is ‘marked’ and will be subject to far greater scrutiny, suspicion and supervision than would a woman in exactly the same role. Somewhere between men and children there is a line, and for those men who choose to cross it, for whatever reason, their motives will be questioned. Continue reading

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