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I want to talk about misandry. I have just typed this into my *word processor* and it has given me the evil squiggly red underline of death. Apparently misandry is not even in the dictionary…well we’ll soon see about that: ADD.

But this is symptomatic of the problem. Discrimination against women has been the major issue for so long that we forget about unfair treatment of men. Now, I realise I’ve already broken untold scores of feminist taboos, so a few words of self-protective caveat before I get started.

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Dualism Dilemmas

Modern feminism submits that the problem is not making women and men equal, the problem is that women and men are false categories to work with. Some women exhibit “manly” characteristics, some men are “girly”. So making such a big thing out of the detail of possessing or lacking a Y chromosome is senseless – we could perhaps have a gender spectrum, but your biology shouldn’t enter into the matter.

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In Defence of Gaga

Why do people hate Gaga? The release of Lady Gaga’s new video ‘Telephone’ featuring Beyonce has split ranks in my friendship circle. (If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it, it’s amazing: When I say split ranks, I mean more that it has left me isolated on a little desert island of my own frustration. In fact, on many occasions I find myself becoming increasingly more irate as people with whom I normally share musical and cultural tastes condemn the Lady G. I for one am a massive fan. Except I only became aware of this as I was forced to defend what I think is the greatest pop innovator of our measly lifetimes.

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Gender Difference…what difference?

So I, a member of the ‘other side,’ attended my first feminist discussion group yesterday. All in all it was a fascinating experience, with an excellent array of speakers from all walks of feminism, from domestic violence charities to research into the philosophy of gender in sport. Yet the meeting really heated up when we began to ask ourselves what it was all about. ‘Gender equality’ was the boring, uninformative, obvious answer, but how to achieve it?

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