What should the CUSU Women’s Campaign be doing?

The next Women’s Forum is in a week:
12 May, 7:30-8:30pm
Keynes Hall, King’s College
and we will be deciding what campaigns should be the focus of next year’s activities.
We’ve never done this before, as working groups have developed spontaneously depending on what issues arise, but it would be great to have a more democratic way to guide the CUSU Women’s Officer in coordinating the activities of the Women’s Campaign. Continue reading

Gender and Development

As one of the open places in CUSU Women’s Campaign,  I’ll be kicking off a campaign on Gender and Development in Michaelmas. Currently in an embryonic stage, the aim is to get more women thinking about the relationships between gender and development, what it means to them, and how they can get involved. I’ll be using Gender Agenda to regularly post ideas of what I might get up to next year and comments on articles, issues etc that I find that can start to get you thinking too.  I’ll be advocating no particular understanding of development and hopefully one of the first discussions to be put on will be concern this very subject. In order to keep the discussion accessible, I’ll invite a mixture of academics, businessmen and women, charities and grass roots organisations onto panels.

Please comment with any suggestions for speakers, organisations, specific topics that could be used for the campaign.

IUG twinning motion – a cautionary tale against potential hypocrisy

Many of you will have seen or been part of the the current campaign against CUSU’s motion to twin itself with the Islamic University of Gaza. IUG has ties with Hamas (the terrorist group that has much more power in Gaza than the West Bank), and is known to uphold many of the most repugnant illiberal views of extremist Islam. Women and men take classes separately, and in fact don’t even use the same areas of the university to study, for example.

Maybe I’m a lone voice here in saying that I support CUSU’s motion and think that twinning with IUG would be a great idea.

Continue reading

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