Hey folks,

Just seen the trailer for the film Cul-de-Sac, about the life and work of Iranian lesbian Kiana Firouz. It looks really good. The experiences of homosexual people in oppressive societies is something really terrifying and fascinating.

I just wanted to make a post here about a possible trip to go see the film. It’s being premiered in London on the 20th of May (next Thursday). As an independent low-budget production I doubt it’s going to be showed in many other places – the Picturehouse might get it but we’d be lucky I think. So it would be nice to watch it while we have a chance. Obviously the timing couldn’t be worse for us Cambridge examinees. But it might still be worth it. So I was just wondering if there was any interest in organising a trip to see this next week.

An added factor is the fact that the lead actress and real-life subject of the film is currently defending herself in UK court hearings against a ruling saying she should be deported to Iran as a failed asylum-seeker. In Iran she will be executed. Some links for the interested:

Film’s website:

Campaign to save Kiana’s life

Film trailer


  1. Ray Filar

    OH NO. I REALLY want to go but my first exam is the next morning. Maybe we can try and get a screening up here – like – as a fundraiser of some kind after exams? Or you can just go see it in London, either way.

    • clare mohan

      Ray: sounds like a plan!

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