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Not that important

The Garrick Club, the exclusive and beautiful nest which fosters and cares for the best artistic and literary minds of England, has just severed its age-old bond with the Century Club, its American counterpart, over the fact that the Garrick still doesn’t allow women to be members. They are allowed on the premises, providing they are a guest of a member of the club. For the New York Association, such discrimination is too much too bear, and, after a bitter internal dispute, its members voted in favour of severing their relationship with the London Club. Members of the Garrick failed to comment on the event, except for one, who said the Century was “a crap club anyway“.

This event may seem insignificant ; after all, it just concerns a “bunch of old farts” who revel in their bastion of privileges, as a member of the Club said in 1992 when a controversial vote over the very problem took place. Continue reading

Pro-life atheism, or Christopher Hitchens is (not always) great.

Christopher Hitchens is one of the most ardent supporters of atheism ; in the manner of Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris, he is a very efficient pamphleteer against superstition, obscurantism and the excess of religion in general. Unlike Dawkins, however, Hitchens is only a pamphleteer with a journalistic backgound ; he doesn’t have the expertise on zoology the Oxford professor has, nor he is educated in philosophy and astrophysics like Victor Stenger, for instance. Most of the time, he makes up for this lack of expertise with his enthousiasm and passion for secularism, making him a very efficient soldier of the atheistic army against religion.

However, there is one subject on which Christopher Hitchens differs greatly from most atheist thinkers. He is, as well as a secularist and a humanist, a supporter of the pro-life movement. Continue reading

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