Lauren Steele

Fresh Faced and Make-Up Free? – Feminism Masked

To be writing a feminist article about the oppression of make-up tugs at my conscience and makes my stomach twist and churn. I am a feminist and I wear make-up. A lot of it. The stereotypical ‘feminist’ look often embraced by the ignorant masses is a braless-washed-out-clean-faced-flower-power-woman-but-wearing-man’s-clothes-with-her-fist-in-the-air – kind of feminist. Yet, I consider myself a feminist and I wear make-up. My friends often tease and cheekily provoke me in arguments suggesting, “Yeah, but you can’t be a real feminist, you wear make-up”. I often feel the two beliefs clash – can I be a ‘proper’ feminist and still wear make-up?

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