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Worth its Salt?

When I saw the trailer for Angelina Jolie’s bangin new action spy Cold War suspense thriller flick I thought two things: a) this looks generic and boring and b) I believe this may be the first generic, boring action spy film I’ve come across in which the protagonist is a woman. Continue reading

Women in tennis – what the deuce?!

Wimbledon is almost over, and it’s been a particularly fine competition this year in my opinion. Though I’m not the biggest tennis enthusiast in the world, I love Wimbledon and because I happen to have had nothing to do the last couple of weeks I’ve watched practically every match covered by the BBC. I’m struggling to work out where I stand on the sport from a feminist perspective, however. Continue reading

Return to Gaga

To follow from earlier discussion of Lady Gaga, this lecture gives probably the best account I’ve heard about why I should be excited to live in the Gaga era. The discussion of Gaga herself comes in the last 3 minutes or so, but there’s some fascinating points made on gender-revolution in the middle, and the bit at the start about

“When you see something and you know this is feminism, but you don’t know why.”

…is just awesome. Continue reading


Hey folks,

Just seen the trailer for the film Cul-de-Sac, about the life and work of Iranian lesbian Kiana Firouz. It looks really good. The experiences of homosexual people in oppressive societies is something really terrifying and fascinating.

I just wanted to make a post here about a possible trip to go see the film. It’s being premiered in London on the 20th of May (next Thursday). As an independent low-budget production I doubt it’s going to be showed in many other places – the Picturehouse might get it but we’d be lucky I think. So it would be nice to watch it while we have a chance. Obviously the timing couldn’t be worse for us Cambridge examinees. But it might still be worth it. So I was just wondering if there was any interest in organising a trip to see this next week. Continue reading

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