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She is there.

He enters.

— You must be looking for my sister – sorry. I’m the only one in the house today.

— No, I was looking for you.


— I know it’s odd. But I wanted to talk to you. You seem really – I want to get to know you.

I’ve never talked to anyone about this. It feels like you’re the only one I can trust. It’s just that, sometimes, it gets to me. And it’s hard to speak about.

— It must be pretty lonely

— You understand. I can talk to you. You’d never abandon me, would you? You’d never let go.

People always promise they’re never going to leave. But everyone always leaves. I can’t trust anyone not to leave. You have to promise.

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Why I might not be a “feminist” much longer.

Don’t get me wrong – I am never going to stop being passionate about the need for equality among the genders. I will always be distressed and anxious as long as we can still look at, for example, the DRC and the suffering of women there; as long as one in four women in the UK will be the victims of sexually motivated violence during the course of their lives; as long as globally families long for male children and abandon or maltreat their infant daughters, or as long as female children are not educated and have no political or social power. As long as we only have to turn to any magazine or newspaper, or advertising billboard, or TV advert to see women as objects, as submissive, as tools to whom millions of products are marketed to make us spend billions of pounds, dollars and euros on make-up, clothes, household cleaning products, childcare ‘solutions’, and cosmetic surgery.

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