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The Gender of Children’s Literature

Children’s literature suffers from a double level of gender inequality: structurally – in the publishing and writing of children’s books – and internally, at a narrative level. And paradoxically enough, they seem to pull the medium in opposite directions, the former being female-centred, the latter beneficial to males. Continue reading

Sophie’s Choice

Today my comic on my blog (and in The Cambridge Student) is pole-dancing-related, so I thought I’d post it here as well. Nothing serious.

Twitter, we are back

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Great Men and their underage whores: it doesn’t really matter, does it?

As much as I like cinema, and as much as I support my country’s football team in its quite desperate attempt not to look absolutely ridiculous in the upcoming World Cup in South Africa, there are certain things that even Great Men should not get away with that easily. One of which is sleeping with underage girls.

It would seem like it goes without saying, but judging from recent events in my native country of France, it is surprisingly not that obvious to a large number of people.

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