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The Frightening Manipulation of Young Girls by the Media


I have realised Natasha Walter is completely right about the strange doll-like emphasis of femininity in the media, but to the extent it is targeted at girls aged 2-16, has absolutely horrified me. Continue reading

Il Corpo Delle Donne

Disclaimer: I’m uncertain about my argument at the end of this article. I think the point stands, I’m just worried that in the way I’ve phrased it I come across like a bigoted obsessive… Which (I like to think) I’m not. So with that in mind…:

Watch this video. (it’s okay, you can watch it in English). And watch it all the way through if you can – it’s 24 minutes well worth watching.

I don’t really have much more to say about the video itself, but I am harping on the same old tune again – how true is this of worldwide representation of women? Is this an extreme example, or do you think there are similarities to be seen in the media of say, America, or England? I know what my answer is, and I don’t think I’m “training” myself only to see sexism everywhere – I would say that the image offered to us of what a ‘woman’ is today is far, far narrower than it has been for a very long time. Continue reading

Return to Gaga

To follow from earlier discussion of Lady Gaga, this lecture gives probably the best account I’ve heard about why I should be excited to live in the Gaga era. The discussion of Gaga herself comes in the last 3 minutes or so, but there’s some fascinating points made on gender-revolution in the middle, and the bit at the start about

“When you see something and you know this is feminism, but you don’t know why.”

…is just awesome. Continue reading

Female Dystopia: What would Britain look like if Women swapped places with Men?

Welcome to my imaginary world in which the genders swap. Women swap places with men; they behave the same way, they are viewed the same way, and they are treated the same way as men are today. Vice versa for the males. Note, I don’t mean are treated equally, I will come to that in a minute – I’m sure many of you are aware that same treatment does not equality make. But now, listen here. This is how Britain might look like if it were the case: Continue reading

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