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Il Corpo Delle Donne

Disclaimer: I’m uncertain about my argument at the end of this article. I think the point stands, I’m just worried that in the way I’ve phrased it I come across like a bigoted obsessive… Which (I like to think) I’m not. So with that in mind…:

Watch this video. (it’s okay, you can watch it in English). And watch it all the way through if you can – it’s 24 minutes well worth watching.

I don’t really have much more to say about the video itself, but I am harping on the same old tune again – how true is this of worldwide representation of women? Is this an extreme example, or do you think there are similarities to be seen in the media of say, America, or England? I know what my answer is, and I don’t think I’m “training” myself only to see sexism everywhere – I would say that the image offered to us of what a ‘woman’ is today is far, far narrower than it has been for a very long time. Continue reading

Visual Culture and Beauty Ideals

The broadsheets are getting excited. A wave of recent articles have been claiming that the beauty norms of fashion, advertising and women’s magazines are expanding (literally) to include something other than airbrushed images of skinny, tall, white teenagers that comprise our current “visual grammar”. Is the revolution really here? If not, why not? And does it really matter? Continue reading

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