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Female Dystopia: What would Britain look like if Women swapped places with Men?

Welcome to my imaginary world in which the genders swap. Women swap places with men; they behave the same way, they are viewed the same way, and they are treated the same way as men are today. Vice versa for the males. Note, I don’t mean are treated equally, I will come to that in a minute – I’m sure many of you are aware that same treatment does not equality make. But now, listen here. This is how Britain might look like if it were the case: Continue reading

Women in Government – facts, figures and rationalising

This is kind of an extension to Faith’s article about party representation.

Since 1918, women have been allowed to stand for Parliament, while not being very long ago, this hard earned victory should have represented a massive change in our country. One would hope it would allow the government to more closely resemble the people – one of the signs of a healthy democracy. Unfortunately this is not the case, while women and men are approximately equal in number (until we get older) only 291 female mps have been elected compared to 4365 male ones since 1918. In the last parliament men outnumbered women approximately 5 to 1. It’s often suggested that having a first past the post system makes us more likely to have straight white christian men in parliament, but even so – why are people not making a bigger deal about this? Continue reading

Organising Against the Tory Backlash

We recently learnt that Philippa Stroud, who lost out to Lib Dem Paul Burstow in Sutton & Cheam, has a deceptive amount of influence upon Tory policy. As head of the Centre for Social Justice, she has had a major role in formulating almost 70 of the Conservative Party’s policies. Stroud has openly admitted to her Christian faith having a big day-to-day impact on her life and decision-making. She happens to be a member of the New Frontiers Church, where her husband is one of the main leaders.  One of the church’s 17 values is as follows:

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IUG twinning motion – a cautionary tale against potential hypocrisy

Many of you will have seen or been part of the the current campaign against CUSU’s motion to twin itself with the Islamic University of Gaza. IUG has ties with Hamas (the terrorist group that has much more power in Gaza than the West Bank), and is known to uphold many of the most repugnant illiberal views of extremist Islam. Women and men take classes separately, and in fact don’t even use the same areas of the university to study, for example.

Maybe I’m a lone voice here in saying that I support CUSU’s motion and think that twinning with IUG would be a great idea.

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