Author: J.K.Savage

Lessons from my Mothers.

In memory of Adrienne Rich.

Touch it.
Put your hand flat
onto the varnished table,
onto the grass,
onto your lover
or onto the world.

Pick up your feet.
Understand their motion
as being always towards,
and enjoy it
when it is also
Go with purpose.

Keep asking questions
that must be asked
for many reasons.
Sometimes ask the questions
just to listen

being here is for other people
but you cannot touch them all.
Hold every hand you can,
and pay attention to the eyes
that really are on you.
Have faith in that.

When you can,
remember you are small.
When you have to,
walk like a giant
and be present.

Be kind.
Have love in anger.
Be safe alone.
Learn, and teach,
and never think the two are different;
think of me when you get lost,
and ask me if I thought there was a route.

Sex Work, Leftwing Feminism, and Decriminalisation.

Written in comradely response to this post:

I am what I think of as a “class struggle feminist”. It’s a label that I just made up, all by myself, for the purpose of this article. Why did I make it up? Because “socialist feminism” is too narrow a label – I’m interested in gender inequality, objectification and so on as well as in issues of class organisation – and because anarchafeminism doesn’t necessarily require paying any attention to class whatsoever, and frequently has more to do with radical feminism than I do personally. I also realise at this point that “anarchafeminism” isn’t recognised by MS Word, so with audience in mind, it might be wise to proceed by using language that we can all relate to.

So what do I mean by saying that I am a “class struggle feminist”, and how does it tie in with the fact that I’ve decided to write this article in response to Swyn Haf’s thoughtful, but I feel often naive, piece on a very specific, and contentious, subject? Continue reading

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