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Men, Children and Patriarchy

For a man to work with children, he must acknowledge that he is ‘marked’ and will be subject to far greater scrutiny, suspicion and supervision than would a woman in exactly the same role. Somewhere between men and children there is a line, and for those men who choose to cross it, for whatever reason, their motives will be questioned. Continue reading

What’s so ‘feminist’ about feminism?

I think I’m a feminist. I certainly care about lots of things feminists care about: unequal pay, sex discrimination and so on. But whenever I think about it, the ‘feminist’ parts of my concerns seem to fade away. I care if women aren’t paid fairly, but then, I care if anyone is not paid fairly. Again, I care if women are discriminated against, but then, I care if anyone is discriminated against. How many ‘feminist’ concerns are subsumed in more general, gender-neutral concerns, and so, seemingly, not really ‘feminist’ at all? Continue reading

reclaim the night (wo)manifesto

Lots of people are getting excited about the upcoming Cambridge Reclaim the Night, which will consist of a women’s march and a vigil open to all genders, as well as a men’s solidarity demo. (All parts of the evening are explicitly welcoming to trans people).

Holding events which are women-only inevitably reignites the debate about why there are events to which only self-defining women are welcome. In reponse, I have written a (wo)manifesto which tries to communicate why Reclaim the   Night marches which are women-only are so empowering and so necessary… Continue reading

Equality and Gender

I am a 24 year old girl and my last boyfriend used to jokingly refer to me as a ‘righteous lesbian’ for my feminist tendencies. I don’t even think I’m that much of a feminist at all. However, when I’m told that girls are not as good at something as boys, I will take the bait and argue every time. I grew up with 2 brothers and 4 male cousins. I am smarter than all of them and they know it. I was smarter than most boys throughout my schooling. So don’t tell me I can’t do something just because I’m a girl. I’ll definitely do it better than you if I think you’re a bigot and I want to prove you’re wrong. Continue reading

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