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Feminism and Facts

What is the legal definition of rape in the UK? In all the conversations I’ve had about rape, responsibility and consent, I’d never thought about what is actually being contested when an allegation of rape makes it to court. I don’t think I’m alone in that. Under the Sexual Offences Act of 2003, this is […]

Objectification? I object!

After several drunken post-exams conversations, I’ve had numerous women finally pluck up the courage to ask me how can I be a feminist and the college women’s officer when I like to dress in corsets, pencil skirts, tiny dresses and miniskirts. The truth is I simply do not subscribe to the idea that I am […]

Sex work, feminism, and the new moralism

Should we allow our politics to be measured according to how antithetical they are to the right wing? On the false dichotomy, one of the many that plagues women’s lives, that to be ant-puritanical, anti-moralistic, anti-judgemental, you have to divorce sex from any more significance than that of pulling a pint:

Stopping at gay: holding the closet door ajar?

The social right’s worst nightmare: from assimilist gay to out-and-out queer. But what is it to the gay community?

Map of Tasmania

Thoughts on this song? Mine are: 1. The Young Punx/Peaches/Amanda Palmer combined are the embodiment of super cool 2. Ace design 3. I immediately want to draw a big triangle on my face 4. But wearing an artistic sculptural merkin would probably be quite uncomfortable 5. Like the pro-bush ‘grow that shit like a jungle’ […]

Women, Masculinism and Democracy

We are not simply in the “catch-up” period during which our society is adjusting to “gender neutral” forms of decision making and group structuring- rather the way we organise in itself is geared towards masculine traits, and women will not fully participate unless all women take on masculine traits, (ie Maggie Thatcher), which I do not believe is the path to liberation.

If ‘doms why not dams?

It’s about twenty to four on a Sunday afternoon. Having spent an hour in Boots frantically but unsuccessfully searching for what I need, I am now in my local pharmacy. This pharmacy stocks literally every product under the sun and is open seven days a week till ten p.m. Do you have a minor skin […]

Pro-life atheism, or Christopher Hitchens is (not always) great.

There is one subject on which Christopher Hitchens differs greatly from most atheist thinkers. He is, as well as a secularist and a humanist, a supporter of the pro-life movement.

The Frightening Manipulation of Young Girls by the Media

I have realised Natasha Walter is completely right about the strange doll-like emphasis of femininity in the media, but to the extent it is targeted at girls aged 2-16, has absolutely horrified me.

Letter sent to Lynne Featherstone.

Below is a letter I’ve sent to Lynne Featherstone, challenging the Government’s extension of anonymity to alleged rapists. Ms. Featherstone is a Lib Dem junior minister in the Home Office with a portfolio to tackle inequality. I thought I’d post the letter rather than write the same points out in article form, and was wondering […]