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Gender Difference…what difference?

So I, a member of the ‘other side,’ attended my first feminist discussion group yesterday. All in all it was a fascinating experience, with an excellent array of speakers from all walks of feminism, from domestic violence charities to research into the philosophy of gender in sport. Yet the meeting really heated up when we […]

An Angry, Militant Feminist

It seems like we’ve all become apologists for a brand of feminism that stands for anything as long as it also stands in opposition to such contentious issues as anger, militancy, bra-burning, hairy legs, lesbianism, etc etc. In this game, any expression of aggression or force is immediately put in a box marked ‘crazy militant […]

What would an ideal feminist world look like?

What would an ideal feminist world look like? Women would RULE and men would have to crawl around at our feet getting us chocolate A land of bra burning, hairy lesbians out to get YOU! There would be no gender binaries or heteronormativity…