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Feminism and Facts

What is the legal definition of rape in the UK? In all the conversations I’ve had about rape, responsibility and consent, I’d never thought about what is actually being contested when an allegation of rape makes it to court. I don’t think I’m alone in that. Under the Sexual Offences Act of 2003, this is […]

Collaborative round-up for anti-DSK blogs, media, videos, responses and thoughts

Perhaps this thread can be a resource to share responses to and coverage of the anti-DSK protest/movement that have been written elsewhere? (Not to prevent anyone from writing their own separate responses on GA) I feel that I am still recovering and trying to process what happened, it was so important to me, and I […]

Humanitas Visiting Professor in Women’s Rights 2011

Professor Nancy Fraser (Henry A. and Louise Loeb Professor of Philosophy and Politics, The New School for Social Research, New York) Lecture 1: ‘A Polanyian Feminism? Re-reading The Great Transformation in the 21st Century’ (5-6.30pm, 8 March 2011) Karl Polanyi’s 1944 book ‘The Great Transformation’ rejected economism and instead analysed the previous crisis of capitalism […]

Return to Gaga

To follow from earlier discussion of Lady Gaga, this lecture gives probably the best account I’ve heard about why I should be excited to live in the Gaga era. The discussion of Gaga herself comes in the last 3 minutes or so, but there’s some fascinating points made on gender-revolution in the middle, and the […]

Putting the “Institutional” back into “Institutional Sexism”

One of the first steps in fighting oppression is to acknowledge its presence within the institutions we are a part of, yet far too often injustice is outsourced and framed as something that other people do. Racism in our society is distilled down to groups like the BNP, whose ideologies and practices are so indisputably […]

So who’s not interested in feminism?

Maybe it’s just me who doesn’t challenge this ‘division’ between feminists and the rest, and just me who imagines its existance. I don’t think it is though. I want to ask what our thoughts are. What can we do individually, and what can we do as gender agenda to reach out beyond the usual suspects?

A Call To Arms

“In-fighting” is a tired and negative word for what, in my opinion, is a perfectly natural occurrence within any political movement. Elements of society that are opposed to radical change defend the status quo, and therefore all conservative circles may stand united in the face of opposition. “We want,” they can say in unison, “to […]

What’s so ‘feminist’ about feminism?

I think I’m a feminist. I certainly care about lots of things feminists care about: unequal pay, sex discrimination and so on. But whenever I think about it, the ‘feminist’ parts of my concerns seem to fade away. I care if women aren’t paid fairly, but then, I care if anyone is not paid fairly. […]

Equality and Gender

am a 24 year old girl and my last boyfriend used to jokingly refer to me as a ‘righteous lesbian’ for my feminist tendencies. I don’t even think I’m that much of a feminist at all. However, when I’m told that girls are not as good at something as boys, I will take the bait and argue every time…

Dualism Dilemmas

The binary functions of our brains lead us to powerful box-ticking tendencies, which are the real enemies of feminism. What happens when you read Lévi-Strauss with gender theory on your mind?